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About Us

PT. MARS INTERNATIONAL has been established since 2002 by a group of people who have experience of more than fifteen years in the field of energy recycle. Our line of business can be divided into three main divisions, namely:

  1. Coconut Charcoal Briquette Division.
  2. Coconut Shell Carbon Actived Division.
  3. Dissected Coconut Division.
  4. Hard wood charcoal. 

When we first started this business, we were only able to collect some of the coconuts will be processed. Over time, we will build a new factory in Lampung in 2008. Since that time we have been very attractive progress.

  • In 2002 - We set up the company.
  • In 2004 - The inclusion of Coconut Charcoal Briquette Division.
  • In 2008 – Set up a new processing plant in Jakarta.
  • In 2010 - The inclusion of a division Coco Shell Active Carbon.
  • In 2012 - Adding divisions, Dissected Coconut. 

Over the years the number of workers in our company has reached one hundred and fifty workers from workers in Jakarta, Bogor and Lampung.

Legality of Company

Notaris : Yonsah Minanda, SH. MH.
SK Menteri Kehakiman : AHU-21611.AH.03.08.Tahun 2011
SIUP: 810/1229/BPTT/PM/IX/2011
NPWP: PT MARS INTERNATIONAL 03.117.951.3-016.000
TDP: 090310292708
SKT: PEM/00308/WPJ.61/KP.0324/2011